microJoining Solutions (mJS) recognizes that our clients need to improve their welding processes NOW and do not have time to redesign their parts to make the parts easy to weld and to perform a complete re-validation of their re-designed product.  mJS has extensive experience improving poor yield welding processes without redesigning parts geometry or changing part materials.

Typical Client Welding Problems:

  • Weak tensile or peel strength
  • Poor fatigue or life cycles
  • Excessive weld splash
  • Pin holes and voids
  • Burned surfaces
  • Open welds during environmental testing
microJoining Solutions Problem Solving Approach:
microJoining Solutions uses the Design of Experiment (DoE) process, coupled with years of "hands on" high and low volume production experience to solve the client’s welding problem by:
  • Defining “weld quality”
  • Identifying the controllable input factors
  • Defining the output responses in relation to the desired weld quality
  • Optimizing the welding parameters
  • Conducting confirmation runs to establish Cpk or Six-sigma metrics
  • Setting weld process limits