New Product Development

microJoining Solutions (mJS) assists our clients by designing "weldability" into the product.  Most welding mistakes are created in the design stage.  Key “weldability components include:

  • Selecting the proper base and plating materials
  • Employing part geometry that balances the thermal loading between parts
mJS has developed a special expertise in welding automotive components and sensors, battery backs, medical devices, and solar cell assemblies.  Selected clients include Boston Scientific, Bosch, Cochlear Ltd., Guidant, Northrop Grumman, Saint Jude Medical, Special Devices, and Soliant Energy.
mJS holds three patents in micro-joining equipment technology and is the co-inventor of the non-contact "FlashSoldering" process for joining fine insulated magnet wires to a variety of surface mount components and connectors.

Typical Client Welding Applications:
  • Automotive airbags, components, and sensors
  • Avionic components
  • Battery packs
  • Electronic components
  • Electro-mechanical components
  • Magnetic components
  • Medical catheters, guide wires, pacemakers, and sensors
  • Mobile phones
  • Rechargeable batteries and battery packs
  • Sensors
  • Solar cell interconnections
  • Squib (detonating) devices
  • Telecom components